2018 Lincoln Navigator: What to Expect

Lincoln Motor Company is a luxury vehicle divison of the US auto giant Ford Motors. This brand was established in 1917, and it became a subsidiary of Ford Motors from 1922. This brand was primarily sold in North America only and then in middle east, Japan, and South Korea. But from 2014 onwards the company has decided to launch this brand in China also, and its market in China is growing at a very fast rate. 2018 Lincoln Navigator is the latest news of this brand. Lincoln Navigator is a full-sized luxury Sports Utility Vehicle manufactured by Lincoln Motor Company. Navigator model was first introduced in 1998, and this was the first SUV from Lincoln with all wheel drive. This vehicle is built on the same platform as of Ford Expedition, which was released a year before Navigator.

2018 Lincoln Navigator front

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Beautiful Exterior and Interior:

Among all vehicles manufactured under Lincoln brand, Navigator is the largest. It has the most available cargo space and greater cabin space for increased comfort. During its first time launch in 1998 the vehicle had a price of $40,000, but still it was able to sell almost 44,000 units in the first year itself. This made the competitors to launch new luxury vehicles with similar features of Navigator.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a big truck based luxury SUV model. This vehicle is not known for comfort only, but it is also known for its power, use of quality interior materials, and stylish design. Many people are eagerly waiting for the 2018 model because of its innovative features and versatility. This future model is expected to be the best among all vehicles in the similar range. The body of newly designed 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be made with aluminum to reduce its weight. The body will look sleeker with some redesigning to provide a better aerodynamics. The main attraction of this new model is its gull-wing doors and cascading stairs. The exterior is set to be decorated with a newly designed big grille, sturdy bumpers, sleeker LED head and tail lights, rounded corners.

The comfortable and roomy cabin of 2018 Lincoln Navigator will accommodate six passengers. The interior lines are designed with wooden trim (nautical teak) of light color and polished bright aluminum, the interior designing is made with a similar concept of luxury boats and yachts.  The six large seats look like chairs (made of premium leather) and they are 30 ways adjustable, and the rear portion of each seat is equipped with separate console.

Other interior features includes large touch screen display which supports Apple CarPlay, premium sound system, 3D navigation (with destination guide), supports 4G connection, wireless charger, automatic climate control, etc.

2018 Lincoln Navigator interior

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Engine Information:

Lincoln Navigator will not use huge size powertrains anymore. The previous version’s 5.4 liter V8 engine is replaced by a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine with 6 valves. The 3.5 liter V6 will have a capability to produce a power of around 400 hp and a torque of approximately 420 pound-feet. Few changes in propulsion unit are also expected. The 5.4 liter V8 engine may not be offered by the company anymore.

The wheels are expected to be powered with a six speed automatic transmission system. But some sources revealed that there may be a ten speed automatic transmission system also. Unless any official announcement is made it is difficult to confirm. The 5.4 liter engine of 380 hp enabled the vehicle to reach at a speed of 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds with a highest speed of 113 mph. Thus, with latest EcoBoost engine the vehicle is expected to give a better performance than older models.

Fuel Economy:

With reduced weight and new engine the 2018 Lincoln Navigator may provide slightly better fuel economy. The previous V8 engine provided a combined mileage of 18 mpg but the new EcoBoost powertrain is expected to provide a combined fuel economy of 20 mpg.


Safety Features:

Safety is one of the important part in this type of luxury vehicles. Some of the safety features of 2018 Lincoln Navigator includes hands free control, wide-angle camera with 360 degree view, driver control technology, advanced stability control, head airbags for all seats, post collision safety system, anti-lock brakes in all wheels, dusk sensing headlights, better traction control, and many other latest safety features.

2018 Lincoln Navigator side

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Rivals, Price and Release Date:

Few rivals of 2018 Lincoln Navigator in the full size luxury SUV range is as follows:

Price and Release Date:

Official announcement about price and release date of 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be made during 2017. Some sources revealed that the 2018 Navigator will be launched in November 2017. The starting price of Lincoln Navigator may remain in the range of $66,000 to $67,000.

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