2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid,  Aluminum Construction

If latest reports are considered to be true, the Blue Oval Company is currently working on 2017 Ford F-150 Hybrid, which is likely to enter production by the end of this year. Ford is also working on providing a decent diesel drivetrain option, however that is not relevant as far as hybrid powertrain is concerned. If you are a Ford fan, you would be excited to hear that the same hybrid setup from 2017 Ford F-150 might as well be used in other SUVs from Ford. This means that there is a possibility that there might as well be a 2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid.

2018 Ford Expedition Hibrid front

2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid – Hybrid Powertrain and Aluminum Construction:

Ford is known for manufacturing vehicles with aluminum intensive construction and excellent fuel economy. The American car manufacturer has already provided such type of treatment to the new models like Ford F-150 and Raptor. On the other hand, the new generation Expedition, which is currently under production, is also expected to have a heavy aluminum construction.

However, it seems that the auto manufacturer does not intend to stop just there, they are reportedly planning on hybridizing its new models as well. There are rumors that the hybrid powertrain that is being developed for Ford F-150 will also be under the hood of its full size SUV, 2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid

The biggest confusion as of now is the kind of hybrid powertrain this model shall be getting. Whether it will get a green drivetrain or not still remains a question. Currently, one can think of two powertrain options that could be available under the hood of this model.

A combination of 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine and an electric motor is the first possibly, although less likely powertrain option. This combination shall be paired to a lithium ion battery. If such is the case, 2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid could offer an excellent output of approximately 400 HP with excellent fuel efficiency.

2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid likely to come after Navigator, and F-150 Hybrids:

Recent reports suggest that Expedition model with hybrid powertrain will only arrive after the release of Ford F-150 and Lincoln Navigator hybrids. This new generation of the full size SUV is already most likely use the underpinnings that is also used in new F-150 model. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that hybridization will be provided to 2017 Ford Expedition.

On the other hand, Lincoln Navigator, from Ford’s sister company, will also be getting a hybrid powertrain. There is a high possibility that this model will get the same powertrain as F-150 hybrid truck. Once both these models release, the release of 2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid should follow soon.

2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid interior

2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid – Innovative Technology:

The more likely second scenario is that Ford could co-develop a hybrid powertrain for Expedition with Samsung. The American auto manufacturer already works with Samsung on electric solution of non-hybrid models. There are speculations that Ford is planning to introduce regenerative braking technology with 2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid, which involves a lithium ion battery collection power from braking. This power could be used for electronic equipment like stereo, climate control system and headlights as well.

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