2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum Body is a Game Changer

The Lincoln Navigator is currently a major player in the market particularly in its class as a luxury SUV. Even after its original launch in 1997, there have been three successful generations so far. Even though the manufacturer made some refreshing changes to the 2015 model, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum Body is already being anticipated by the last quarter of 2016.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum spy photo 1

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum Body will be the biggest change on this SUV.

Even though the 2015 model had many changes, the majority of car enthusiasts viewed it as the same car launched into the market eight years ago. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator on the other hand is expected to have numerous improvements. One of its vital novelties is its aluminum body. The body structure will be similar to the new F-150 that combines the benefits of lightweight materials with the strength of steel. Just like the current model, the luxurious SUV will be offered with in both standard and the long-wheelbase versions. It is also important to note that both variants will be presented will have 3 rows of seats.

Going the aluminum way will definitely help in shedding off a considerable amount of weight. This is expected to boost fuel economy quite significantly and you can get to as much as the mid-20s when doing highway drives. Although this does not break any records, this aspect makes the Navigator more competitive in its class.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum spy photo 2

When it comes to the exterior of the SUV, you can expect this 2017 Lincoln SUV to have a completely new design. As a result, you can expect features such as LED headlights and a massive split-wing grille. With regard to safety, fuel economy and infotainment, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator boasts of highly advanced technology that makes the current version look outdated.

One thing about the 2017 Lincoln Navigator engine is certain: it will not be fitted with a V8 unit. The manufacturer has already replaced the thirsty and huge 5.4 liter with a more refreshing 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6. This new engine delivers the same amount of engine power output, although economy is significantly improved. Market watchers expect the 2017 Navigator to feature a 10-speed Automatic Transmission system. Furthermore, there is also a possibility that the company will also provide a hybrid configuration as well.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum spy shot

The fourth generation is currently still in development. Despite this, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Aluminum Body’s launch date is expected in the last quarter of 2016. Market watchers expect it to be introduced into the market by the fall of next year as the 2017 Navigator.

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